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General Instructions

ERISA requires the administrator of an employee benefit plan to furnish a Summary Annual Report (SAR) to plan participants (including certain beneficiaries).

Who are Participants?

Regulations have been issued that define participants and beneficiaries. Participants are defined as those who meet the eligibility of a plan. (Some plans may also require contributions to be made for participant status).

Retirees, beneficiaries and terminated employees with vested benefits and suspended employees are also participants unless they have a certificate stating that their benefits are fully guaranteed by an insurance company.

Methods of Distribution of Participants

You can use any of the following methods to distribute the SAR:

Whichever method you choose, the SAR must be sent in a manner “reasonably calculated to ensure actual receipt.”

If you do not have a terminated vested participant’s correct/current address and there is no forwarding address, you do not have to continue to mail the SAR to the incorrect address.

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